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Corporate culture

Culture vision: Endowed with great mission vision. Contribute to the high-end international manufacture power.

Development mission:Leading the development of intelligent manufacturing, to provide support and guarantee for domestic manufacturing industry.

Development vision: Get to be an intelligent manufacturing center with international competitiveness and industrial scale.

Development strategy: Guided by advanced technology and based on intelligent and special process manufacturing equipment, actively promote the industrialization and international development.

Social responsibility:follow the sense of social responsibility of “independent innovation, contributing to society, scientific development, andachieve harmonious”. Work hard to establish first-class enterprise. Aiming to pursue the harmonious development of enterprises, employees, stakeholders, society and environment.

Management philosophy: Honesty first, Quality oriented

Corporate style:Join hands and pioneer with great mind, rational and pragmatic improving efficiency

Enterprise principle: Refine on processing creates value, strict on quality leads the future

Enterprise spirit:All-win in cooperation, good faith goes far

Criterion of conduct:Purse innovation and efficiency with same direction and goal.

Core values: To be the best rather than the largest

[Zero-defect]:Go in for zero-defect and perfection in management, technology, production and service.

[Efficiency] :To achieve high efficiency by constantly optimizing flow-sheet;

[Communication]:good communication which based on an open mind guarantees zero defect and high efficiency, it is also the cornerstone of harmonious development of enterprise.

Profession: every staff fromfront line worker to manager should pursue specialization of technology, management and service, because only profession can achieve surpass and breakthrough.

Cooperation:the refinement of supply chain requires better cooperation betweensuppliers and customers, as well as various functional positions in the company, which is the key to improve the quality and efficiency of whole supply chain.

Details: all the competitive advantages are gathered through details, only by tirelessly optimizing and controlling the details can our customers feel that we are the most reliable.

Connotation corporate culture:Build a characteristic corporate culture, with people-oriented management as its core content, so as to promote the all-round development of enterprises and employees. Create competitive ability with culture and unite the will of people by brand, to enhance the leap from scientific management to cultural management.

Innovation: encourage the employees who put forward innovation ideas, technology and management by means of economic and mental reward, so that each employee is willing to find opportunities and offer suggestions for improvement in addition to completing their daily work.

Credit values more than profit:For a company, credit is the basic guarantee of sustainable operation. For individuals,it is theprimary quality of human civilization, so creditis more important than vested interests.

Actions are more important than promises:When the action is greater than or equal to the promise,the value of which can be embodied, otherwise itcan only make theone who makes thepromise get into debt, so the action is always more important than the promise.

Cooperation above division of labor: Weprefer to divide the work to reduce our responsibilities,but we often ignore the cooperation after the division of labor, resulting in the reduction of work quality and efficiency. If we can not achieve cooperation, it is better not to divide the labor, so cooperation is always more important.

Quality speaks louder than speed: As we all know the important of efficiency, which is the acceleration of quality. To pursue speed without guarantee of quality is the same as pulling seedlings to help them grow.

Humanization: Althoughspecification and humanization are not antagonistic, there will always be certain conflicts.When make specification we should consider humanization ortake both into account, whereas the specification with personality is easier to implement.

Datamation: data is highly concentrated and summarized of work results, it is an objective evidence to evaluate workmanship of each executive position, which improves the evaluation efficiency and accuracy, and reduces the human risk of performance evaluation. That is why data is cornerstone of modern enterprise scientific management.

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