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Automotive industry is one of the main fields that Jinlong engages in. With the development of Chinese auto industry, Jinlong has introduced the advanced conveyor technology, continue strengthening R&D in product intelligence and system integration, as a result, value of our product keep advancing. We have won projects such as welding, painting, GA lines design, supply, installation and commissioning for auto companies including China FAW Group Corporation, FAW Car Co.,Ltd, BAIC Group, Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd, Tianjin FAW XIALI Automobile Co.,Ltd and Jiangling Motors Co,Ltd. We also won order of the assembly line conveyor system for BAIC Motor Co.,Ltd in South Africa.

Automotive GA line is the most complex application of automatic conveyor system, it demonstrates the capability of the system integration supplier. The GA line automatic conveyor system project Jinlong won at BAIC Motor Co.,Ltd (Huanghua), included PBS, trim line, chassis line, final assembly line, test line, suspension assembly line, engine sub-assembly line, engine GA line, tire conveyor line, door sub-assembly line, electronic control system and other conveyor systems. This project is planned for the production of three series of vehicles: passenger vehicle, heavy trucks, and light trucks, more than ten products, including monocoque body and separate frame body, there are big differences in size and assembly process. Our engineers make full use of our knowledge and collaborate closely with all our partners to select the most cost-effective conveyor products, based on the production characteristics and assembly process, overcame the technical challenges, such as automatic identification, common support, met the requirements of different model products produced in the same workshop. Making the GA line become one of the most advanced line in China.

General assembly is one of the four major processes of automobile manufacturing. Which is usually composed of body storage line, interior assembly line, chassis assembly line, final assembly line, rain line, factory inspection line, engine sub-assembly line, rear axle sub-assembly line, door sub-assembly line, instrument panel sub-assembly line, seat tire line, etc. Chengde Jinlong has the general contracting capacity for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mechanized conveying system and equipment.

Chengde Jinlong has successively undertaken projects in automobile industry such as: GA line and coating line conveyor system of 100,000 heavy truck in Qinzhou city, Guangxi province; cab welding line of 100,000 heavy truck in Shaanxi; coating electrophoresis line renovation project; welding and final assembly line of 50,000 heavy truck for Yuchai New Energy Auto; welding line of 100,000 heavy truck for Shanxi Dayun Automobile; 30,000 heavy truck and mine truck general assembly line contracting project for Lishui Base New Energy of Nanjing Jinlong.

The general contracting project for the conveyor system and non-standard equipment (GA and frame joint workshop) of Nanjing Jinlong Lishui Heavy Truck Base includes:

1.  General assembly line: body PBS, interior trim line system, cab EMS system, chassis A/B line system, instrument panel sub-assembly system, front and rear axle sub-assembly system, power train sub-assembly system, tire conveyor line, seat conveyor line, rain line, waste recycling system, etc.

2. Frame joint workshop: mine truck assembly line, lifting equipment, non-standard equipment, etc

3. Process hangers for each line, fans for each station, pneumatic triplets, lighting, electrical control systems, etc.

4. This project covers all stages of the design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, commissioning, training, production accompanying services, spare parts, acceptance, and after-sales work of the general contracting project for the final assembly equipment of the final assembly workshop and frame joint workshop.

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