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Light-duty enclosed track P&F conveyor series

Light-duty enclosed track overhead conveyor is used for the continuous transportation of relatively light items. It is composed of drive unit, tension unit, turn unit, universal link chain, enclosed track, anti-backup device and anti-runaway device, track suspension, vertical hanger, and various suspension accessories. It is an ideal transportation tool in the light industry, electronics, machinery, food, and other industries due to the advantages of lightweight and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, flexible movement, convenient installation and maintenance.

universal link chain

Universal link chain is the power mechanism of conveyor, which has good turning performance in different directions so that it can freely pass through horizontal and vertical curves of the line.

(1) Drive Unit

Drive unit is the power source of conveyor, which equipped with a force limit overload protection mechanism. When the driving force exceeds the nominal value, it will act and simultaneously cut off the power supply to the motor to stop the conveyor.

(2) Track

Universal link chain running inside rectangular enclosed track which has beautiful appearance and good safety performance.

(3) Take-up Unit

There are three standard tension devices: heavy counterweight take-up unit, spring take-up unit and pneumatic hydraulic take-up unit which is a necessary part in conveyor system. It is used to provide initial tension for a loose chain, and to compensate for chain wear and expansion, elongation, or contraction caused by temperature changes.

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