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The First National Game “Jinlong Cup” Held at Mengjiayuan

 The First National Game “Jinlong Cup” was held on August 1st, 2015 at Mengjiayuan, named and sponsored by Chengde Jinlong Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd.


There are 15 teams composed of more than 1200 athletes from 11 villages, township government, HaiFuxiang Closing Co., Ltd. And Chengde Jinlong Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd participated in 16 sports event, completed for 65 medals. 83 athletes of Jinlong participated in 8 sports event. During 13 days’ competition we have made a good result of 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals.


Xue Guangshan chairman of Jinlong attending the games in person. This game demonstrate our best athletic skills and sportsmanship. It also improves our sense of group honor and strengthen the corporate cohesion.