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P&F overhead conveyor were mainly used in anode assembly conveyor system and carbon blocks cooling conveyor system. Non-standard products including stepping type trolley machine, water blowing machine, heavy-duty P&F roller conveyor etc.
The hi-tech and structure features of P&F conveyor makes it adapt to complex working conditions. The high load characteristic was widely used in standard production of large scale, cooperated with automatic machine. P&F conveyor is the prior product used in aluminum metallurgy. The development of electrical car was limited by durability and maintainability.
A lot of practical experience and technology innovation in heavy load industry improve the ability of automation system fault detection, and make the products adapt to higher productivity and application. In aluminum metallurgy industry, CDJL will continuously provide floor P&F roller conveyor and non-standard product to form an integrate system with P&F overhead conveyor, which will contribute to the advancing of oversea market.